Sun Beds

Celsius Fusion/Elite

Tan Fastest

The Celsius Fusion/Elite is a new level of high-pressure tanning technology. The System works with high-pressure lamps in the canopy, and Celsius 160 watt VHR lamps in the base. The 360° fusion of reflective tanning power results in just a 10-12 minute session & FAST results! Equipment varies slightly by location.


Tan Faster

The Celsius Prestige consists of 52 dynamic lamps at 200 watts each plus high-pressure facials and shoulder tanners. The maximum tanning time is just 10 minutes. This bed is ideal to prepare the skin for sun exposure. With proper skin care, only 8 sessions a month are necessary to maintain your tan.

Celsius 52-Premier

Tan in Comfort

The Celsius 52-Premier is similar to the Celsius 32-Prime. It is a low-pressure sun bed that consists of 52 160 watt Celsius VHR lamps. When looking at this bed, you will still notice the lamps are very close together, but the increased quantity of lamps provides a larger, more comfortable tanning surface with a more contoured acrylic. The contour, or curvature, of the acrylic decreases the pressure points caused by the reduced circulation of laying on a flat surface. The increased number of lamps provides an overall increase in wattage resulting in a faster tan. The maximum tanning time on the Celsius 52-Premier is 10 minutes.

Celsius 32-Prime

Guarantees an even color

The Celsius 32-Prime is a low-pressure sun bed that consists of Celsius 32-Prime lamps at 160 watts each. Celsius lamps work with VHR (Very High Reflective) technology, which is a lining on the back of each lamp that reflects all rays back to the tanner. This provides a faster, deeper color. When looking at the bed you will notice the lamps are so close together you couldn’t even fit a finger between them. This is essential to providing an even color and eliminating the “stripes” that tanners may be used to from other tanning salons. The maximum tanning time on the Celsius 32-Prime is 10 minutes.